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Gillian Chung 钟欣桐

Gillian Chung 钟欣桐 鍾欣桐

Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐 钟欣桐 Zhōng Xīntóng

Gillian Chung Zhōng Xīntóng 钟欣桐 鍾欣桐

Gillian Chung Biography

Chinese name: 鍾欣桐 (Traditional)
Chinese name: 钟欣桐 (Simplified)
Pinyin: Zhōng Xīntóng (Mandarin)
Birth name: Chung Dik-saan, Chung Ka-lai (name change at age 2)
Ancestry: Xinhui, Guangdong, China
Born: Hong Kong, 21 January 1981
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, composer, music arranger, actress
Genre(s): Pop
Instrument(s): Piano
Voice type(s): Soprano
Label(s): Emperor Entertainment Group


Luo Zilin Miss China 2011

Miss China 2011 ZiLin Luo

Luo Zilin Swimsuit 2011

Luo Zilin 2011 National Costume

Luo Zilin (罗紫琳)Biography

Birthplace: Shanghai, China
English Name: Roseline Luo
Age: 24 Yrs (Born on June 6, 1987)
Height: 182 cm (5′ 11″)
Weight: 56 kg
Measurements: 84 / 64 / 93 cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Model
Title: Miss Universe China 2011 (Winner)